Higher Ed Without Borders Interviews Dr. Jim Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System

In this episode, Edu Alliance Founders Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke speak with Dr. Jim Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System.
Dr. James Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System, a multi-university campus system with an enrollment of approximately 90,000 students. Prior to being appointed as President of the System, Dr. Henderson served as President of Northwestern State University. He is a native of Shreveport Louisiana. He received his Master’s in Administration from the University of West Florida, and his Doctor of Management degree from the University of Maryland – University College.

In an October 2021 newspaper article in the Acadiana Advocate, Dr. Henderson’s wife Tonia discussed her husband and love of learning. Jim has “gone through a lot of schooling” during their marriage and he is a constant reader. He earned his master’s and doctorate while they were married. He also has routinely taken coursework where available — he oftentimes takes Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs — most recently one in Irish literature. “He’s always trying to learn new things,” she said. 

His penchant for lifelong learning made an impact on their three children; only the youngest lives at home now. She says she gets inspired by watching him use his time so well. "He allots time for work, family, and his own study.”

Senthil and Dean speak with Dr. Henderson about the university system and his views on education and leadership. The interview includes the following questions:
  • Dr. Henderson, please tell our listeners about the University of Louisiana System and its students and faculty?
  • Can you talk about your own personal commitment to lifelong learning - and how this personal experience shapes your university leadership?
  • I understand the percentage of citizens in the state with post-secondary degrees of Associate or higher is about 30%. Many nations across the world have a similar challenge. How do you see the role of the university to increase the number of graduates. Can you give our listeners a few examples?
  • As you have experienced online learning firsthand - during the pandemic - both as a student and as a faculty - what specific advantages have you gained to help you develop online learning strategies for the system?
  • You are not only are you a President and a professor but you are a current student as well. I read in multiple media outlets you are pursuing a law degree at Southern University. Please tell us about why you decided to once again be a student and has it helped you in your job.
  • Many experts predict a major disruption to the higher education system as we know - in view of the Industry 4.0 reskilling needs and the advent of micro-credentials & stacking of credentials. As the leader of one of the largest university systems in the country, what is your counsel to your fellow university presidents around the world?
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Higher Ed Without Borders Interviews Dr. Jim Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System
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