Higher Ed Without Borders Interviews Dr. Frank Dooley, Chancellor of Purdue University Global.

In this episode, Edu Alliance Founders Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke go on an in-depth interview with Dr. Frank Dooley, Chancellor of Purdue University Global.
Dr. Frank Dooley is Chancellor of Purdue University Global, a part of the Purdue University system. Purdue Global has an enrollment of approximately 36,000 students, most of whom earn their degrees online. Prior to becoming Purdue Global chancellor, Dr. Dooley was senior vice provost for Purdue University, where he earned an international reputation as being a gifted and innovative teacher, as well as a creative researcher. He received his bachelor's degree from St. John's University, his Juris Doctor from the University of North Dakota, and his doctoral degree from Washington State University. He came to Purdue's Department of Agricultural Economics in 1998.

Senthil and Dean speak with Dr. Dooley about Purdue Global and his personal leadership style. The interview includes:
  • The creation of Purdue Global which was acquired by Purdue from Kaplan University in 2017-18 and why Purdue made the acquisition.
  • The differences between a typical Purdue student and a Purdue Global student and discussion of the student profile. 
  • Universities around the world large and small have been thinking and planning about extending their reach within their respective regions to non-traditional students and students who have access constraints to programs they need.  What can they learn from Purdue Global experience?
  • Comparison of Purdue University faculty teaching on campus and Purdue Global which teaches primarily online. Purdue Global offers programs such as nursing, and pilot training programs around the USA in very interesting formats. Dr. Dooley discusses micro-credentials, certifications, and stackable credential options as a part of program degree offerings, professional certification or licensing.
  • Dr. Dooley comes from a university career track in academic teaching and senior academic administration by way of North Dakota State and then Purdue University before being appointed Chancellor of Purdue Global in 2020. He talks about having mentors along the way and the lessons he learned from them about being a university leader.
  • The higher you go in higher education, the lonelier it gets.  As a first-time president who became Chancellor at the onset of the pandemic, Dr. Dooley discusses the keys to his success as a leader in higher education.

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Higher Ed Without Borders Interviews Dr. Frank Dooley, Chancellor of Purdue University Global.
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